A compact forklift with great flexibility and reach!

Semax P35 is your ultimate choice when handling paper rolls up to 3,5 tonnes.Basically, this is a 8 ton machine that can handle 3,5 tons with full extension of 900mm. This creates incredible flexibility where the extension reduces the damage of the goods when loading and unloading trucks/rail wagons. The mast behind the cabin creates a small and efficient forklift where the length and width are significantly reduced compared to traditional counterbalance trucks.

Whether you choose an Electric or diesel truck, the overall economy is unbeatable.

Low operating costs – high reliability – unique technology = Improved economy

Rated capacity: 3500 kg
Load center distance: 1650 mm
Truck length (to face of forks): 3390 mm
Wheelbase: 2050 mm
Truck width: 1600 mm (1900 mm)
Power source: Diesel or Electric

Load from one side with great precision!

With the buildt-in extension you can load and unload from one side. You can easily, with full supervision, place smaller rolls at the bottom of the wagon and larger paper rolls centrally without any scissor aggregate. In this way you can streamline your handling of paper rolls. We can deliver with side shift to enable “stuffing”. This helps you to maximize the cargo space and increase the safety as the paper rolls are fixed to each other.

Unique opportunities with 90° forward tilt!

With our unique fork carriage you have the opportunity to tilt the roll 90° forward*. This helps you load laying rolls and lay down the paper rolls in conversion machines in a easy and simple way. With a synchronization between the tilt cylinders and the extension, the truck adjust the distance automatically.

*This is an option


A new cabin with the driver in focus!

Modern and ergonomic workplace that creates good conditions for a safer everyday life. The excellent ergonomics reduce the risk of wear and tear on the driver. The optimum visibility creates a safer work environment for both drivers and people in close proximity. Our modern IQAN control system simplifies the evereyday life when all funtions are performed in our touch display.


  • Reverse camera with color display
  • 360° birds-eye-view camera with color display
  • Driver’s seats from Grammer or BeGe with different functions
  • Mini wheel or/and joysticks
  • ECC – Conditioner
  • etc.

Batteries customized to your business!

It is an important thing for us to strive for a more environmentally friendly society. We have supplied our customers with electric forklifts since the beginning of this century and we constantly work to improve the technology to give our customers the best possible solution. Today we are able to supply our forklifts with lead acid or Lithium Ion technology. We can supply electrical forklifts suitible for 1, 2 or 3 working shifts. Contact us if you want calculations and recommendations of the correct solution for your needs.


  • Up to 50% lower service costs
  • High availibility and efficiency
  • Dual motors for efficient operation
  • Less noise

Diesel power with the environment in focus!

The hydrostatic transmission allows soft starts, fast driving changes, precise handling of goods and a more precise operation. It is easy to handle the truck in confined spaces and passages. This forklift has a 100kW DEUTZ engine. It is rated EU Stage IV / US Tier 4, which harmonizes with our environmental philosophy. This is an engine adapted for many trouble-free years.


  • Water-coold
  • 4-cylinders
  • Turbocharging
  • Cooled, external exhaust gas purification

Total availability during maintenance work!

With our new system where the cabin follows the mast up when servicing the machine, total accessibility is created. All parts in the engine compartment is easily accessible and this makes it easier for you as a customer at the smaller jobs, but also for our service technicians at major service jobs. Time is money and in this way we can minimize the time spent on service jobs.


  • Easy access from all directions
  • Safe system with both hydraulic and mechanical clamping