Transportnytt 2017 - Semax rolls out the new SCANIA truck

Kim Frykman was head of internal transport at Scania when the production of the new S model was ramped up. He was responsible for the movements of the trucks after they left the assembly line, with the help of the unique Swedish Semax forklift.

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”With the Semax forklifts we can handle heavy paper rolls with a wide range and optimized visibilty on a small work area”

Fredrik Strandberg, Stora Enso
Kvarnsveden, Sweden

”The best thing about the Semax forklift is the visibility and the reach. Thanks to the buildt in extension, we do not have to use extension forks which minimizes the risk of damage of the goods”

Nicklas Schandersson, Hydro
Extrusion Sweden AB, Vetlanda